Are bing ads worth it? | Here’s how to find out

Are bing ads worth it?

Today, Bing is one of the most dynamic search engines on the Internet. Studies have reported that Bing has had a growth evolution of about 19.7% in the marketplace of the USA. Although Google is a much more advanced and experienced platform, Bing has made no mistake in closely competing with it for quite some time now. In the ever-rising digital world, Bing continues to grow as a major search engine platform alongside Google, and the reason for its growing popularity is often credited to Microsoft advertising. It has proven itself to be one of the effective strategies of business campaigns. Today, Microsoft contributes to about 23% for search advertising expansion of Bing.

78% of bing users search on bing on a daily basis.

How is Microsoft Advertising beneficial?

With the rapid evolution of the Internet, businesses require PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements as a focal component for enhancing business sales and delivering quality and alluring content to repaint the audience. Microsoft advertising helps customers limit cost-per-click systems considerably. In brief, Bing advertisements help customers maximally benefit by targeting methodologies, utilize and enhance keywords and their bids, optimize campaign performance, implement independent campaigns to Microsoft, and grab the attention of the most loyal audience. 

What are Bing Ads?

Advertisements are a form of marketing strategy to lure your target audience. Microsoft Advertising aims to help users understand the benefits of a specific product, company, and much more. Bing Ads are most often denoted as ad groups or ad campaigns in a context. These ad campaigns come with different ad groups, and they comprise an array of keywords.

Investing in a reliable search engine platform is a struggle for most businesses. If you’re looking for the answer to whether Bing Ads are worth investing in, we’ve narrowed down a few of the primary benefits of it to help you get a crystal clear picture of this platform.

1. Bing Ads are cost-effective and offer affordable CPC’s

If you have a substantially small-sized corporation, investing in hefty priced search engine platforms can only backfire. Considering a budget-friendly advertising strategy can help you save for other crucial resources. Bing Ads are comparatively similar to Google Ads, except they come at a much more economical cost. With a closely similar operation dynamic, Bing advertisers can maximally benefit themselves due to limited competition. Not only can you make appealing and influential ads, but can also make them at an affordable CPC.

Bing ads are cost effective

Source: Neil Patel

2. The Microsoft platform(Bing) constantly evolves.

Bing has ensured constantly adapting to newer and much more well-versed services. Bing has consistently made sure to consider even the least essential aspects, thereby improving and evolving at a rapid rate. Today, Bing has incorporated a multitude of features and services that one can find on popular platforms like AdWords. From enhanced text format for the advertisements to ad extensions and much more, Bing continues to implement appealing and efficient features.

78% of bing users search on bing on a daily basis.

The Bing Network continues to grow around the globe as well, with 33.5% share in the United States, 24.7% in the United Kingdom, 18.5% in France, 17% in Canada and nearly 12% in Australia*.

3. Bing ads give you the benefit of regulating search demographics

Platforms like Google offer limited regulation over search demographics. Bing, on the other hand, does not limit any search demographics. It offers enhanced transparency so that the users have the most valuable experience. Search demographics are one of the most underrated yet remarkable offerings of Bing ads and give users the benefit of administering and regulating the age, gender, and other indispensable demographic factors of search ads. One can regulate the ads at the ad group level and campaign level.

4. Customizable options

Microsoft advertising gives users the ultimate privilege of customizing different ads systematically, thereby designing an array of diversifications from an individual ad copy set. What makes Bing ads stand out is that one can utilize customizable features from the audience, unlike Google. From customization of ad groups, campaigns, keywords, demographics, and location, Bing offers flexible choices of creating your desired ad with the features and services that you especially want to incorporate. Additional customizable features include time, date, search queries, and much more.

5. Elevation and prominence metrics

Microsoft advertising offers a distinctive feature known as prominence metrics or share of voice that offer a position-based type of metrics share. In a nutshell, these metrics are generated to help the user meticulously detect where their advertisements pop up. You can identify the specific search engine pages, thereby making individual improvements for an enhanced advertising effectivity, optimize campaign performance, and modify bids. Prominence metrics are vaguely similar to Google ads. Nonetheless, Bing offers potentially higher position reporting.

6. Pay-per-click feature

Bing Ads offer one of the most efficient services known as pay-per-click. Similar to Google, PPC ads aren’t verified for printing money but come quite handy. PPC ads are presented only on entering the specific keywords that you choose. You have to choose a limited budget and price per click to regulate your advertisements on your terms. Moreover, if you’re a user, you will have to pay on the ads that you click on. These components influence the ever-rising popularity of PPC’s. PPC’s allow the customers to instantly increase their sales.Bing metrics

7. Bing advertisements help in luring your target audience.

Bing experts suggest that 54% of their chief demographics are aged 40 or above. Unlike Google Ads, Bing ads effectively help you deliver your ads to a much more mature and influential audience who might turn out to be prospective clients. The potential audience most often utilizes desktops to view ads. Here is where Bing ads become effective. Bing is a much more advanced and up-to-date platform that offers a customizable desktop-search engine to attract the likes of the target market.

To sum up,

Bing Ads allow users to administer and control their bids. You can do this by focusing on the gender and age of MSN users. Bing Ads come with a myriad of advantages that are undeniably worth investing in. Not only do they offer several features for attracting high-quality traffic, enhancing business sales, and lower unnecessary costs but also offer distinctive features that no other platform offers.