10 Brands With the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

10 Brands With the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing, and in a few years, the internet will be the only and best source for marketing. Numerous companies are exploiting the internet to promote their brand among the people. In this age of digitalization, it is a wise choice to run advertising and marketing campaigns on the internet as it reaches millions of people within a few days. 

Using social media platforms and search engines not only helps in brand awareness but also help in gaining sales and tracking ROI.

Here are a few companies that have utilized digital marketing tools in the best ways possible. These companies have used the best digital marketing strategies to promote interesting and unique marketing campaigns on the internet. 

  1. American Express: Content is often known as the ‘king’ of marketing. Good content will drive traffic and engage the readers. American Express has used interesting content to attract users. But the best and unique part about their content marketing campaign is that they do not promote themselves. They have started a forum where writers and business people can share their knowledge. The articles and blogs posted on this platform come from a financial and FinTech background. The blogs attract numerous readers and help them understand the current trend in the Finance industry.

American Express Open forum

2.  Zappos: It is one of the companies which is using effective social media strategies. Zappos is an e-commerce company selling a wide range of shoes. The main reasons behind their immense success include customer-friendly policies and an attractive online presence. The social media planner and posts of the company are lucrative and satisfy the demands of customers rather than asking the customers to like their goods.

Zappos Social Media Campaigns

3. Lyft: There are countless companies providing taxi services. What makes Lyft different is its hassle-free services and great online presence. A shiny and clean car comes to your doorstep within a few minutes of booking and takes you to your desired location. The app has gained numerous loyal customers in a short span of time because of their exceptional service. They have used the referral scheme, which is one of the best ideas in the digital world. Refer the app to your friends and get paid, isn’t it amazing? This tactic has led to numerous people using and spreading this app to their close ones leading to its rise in popularity. 


4. Dollar shave club: It is a company selling shaving accessories for men. Within the past 5 years, the company has witnessed sales of around $200 million. The company was able to achieve this by posting funny and quirky videos. People love to spend their free time scrolling through YouTube. The company utilized this opportunity to show its promotional content in a funny video. Apart from that, the company also launched numerous videos based on real-life activities. These quirky videos attracted a lot of customers to their brand.

5. Airbnb: This is one of the best sites to book accommodation when you are going on a trip. Despite the presence of other travel companies of the same type, Airbnb is famous because of its digital marketing strategy. They have combined content and high-quality images and added a bit of humor to make it attractive. They have a highly active online presence and frequently post pictures of hotel rooms, picturesque locations, and food to keep the people entertained. 

Airbnb Creatives

6. Dominos: It is one of the best Pizza companies, and its outlets are spread across the globe. Apart from its good food, the company has strengthened its online presence, by being active on social media. The main reason for its huge online presence is because of its app. The app helps people to order food and pay online without much effort. The reach of the app to their customers helped them to increase their sales significantly. 

  1. Heineken: This beer company enhanced its online presence through interesting and meaningful videos. The videos generally revolve around people arguing and fighting over the current issues. In the end, people are asked to either leave or sort their differences over a beer. These videos got millions of views and tremendously helped the company to improve sales. 
  2. JetBlue: Numerous companies post continuously about their company and promotional content, which becomes monotonous after a while. JetBlue is an airlines company which uses twitter to not only announce their discounts and fares but also as a customer service platform. People can tweet about any issue, and the company will reply to it. Their instant replies make the customers satisfied and attract more people. 
  3. Greggs: It is a food chain unit that sells British staple food. The company posted some unique and funny infographics revolving around food, which helped in boosting sales. The company also launched an app and offered loyalty points that attracted traffic.

Bottom line

Digital marketing is the future of advertising and branding. Many companies have already started using the internet to promote their company and enhance sales by being target-specific and economical. New, quirky ideas and the ability to form a personal connection with the potential customer is what effective digital marketing is all about.