Tubebuddy Review: Your Buddy for YouTube

Tube buddy review

In today’s digital world, where vlogging has become an essential aspect to market your product, this review will help you tremendously. YouTube Is the ideal platform for vlogging. It would be best to start your own new YouTube channel for this purpose unless you are an existing YouTube vlogger.

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell. Today, you will learn all about the powerhouse tool, which will redefine your YouTube marketing skills, and this tool is none other than Tubebuddy.

This TubeBuddy review will help you learn how to manage, optimize, and increase your productivity and marketing capabilities. Tubebuddy has helped a lot of people grow their channels and gain more subscribers by helping them with all the latest tools and features. 

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a certified YouTube SEO tool and Chrome extension, which is actually a YouTube extension. This TubeBuddy extension will directly connect to your YouTube dashboard. After completing the simple installation process on your browser and logging in, your YouTube dashboard will be fully upgraded with plenty of new useful features!

Tubebuddy has over 65 features that will help popularize your videos in the gigantic YouTube algorithm. So let’s go through some of its powerful features in this TubeBuddy review:

1. Keyword explorer

Keyword Explorer is a part of the upload suite, and it is one of the essential tools that can help you gain views and grow your channel. Just enter the keyword in the search box (it could be your video idea) and click on ‘explore.’ This tool will tell you about all the related words you could use in your title. This will lead to higher search volumes. It tells you about the latest trends, the world’s search volume, competition, and optimization, which will help you create researched and better quality content.

2. Video A/B testing

This vital tool helps you compare titles and thumbnails on the same video, and you will see which one performs better. It aids you in finding the most effective option to optimize your videos to the maximum. Just as you can split anything in digital marketing, the same principle applies here. All you need to do is provide TubeBuddy with two different titles or thumbnails, and it will change them for you on alternating days. It will tell you which video got more views, thus helping you choose the better performing one.

3. Advanced videolytics

The TubeBuddy extension helps you gain a closer and more in-depth look into other videos’ tags and rankings.

4. Bulk processing

As the name suggests, this feature can do wonders in bulk! This feature can save your time by changing your descriptions, thumbnails, and titles in bulk. It can change cards and update end screens in bulk. 

For example: You have a video library of over 500 videos, and you want to update your description to include and add your website or a new product that you are selling. You have two options. You can manually change it one by one, which will be a time consuming and tedious process. Or, you could use this beneficial time-saving feature of TubeBuddy to quicken this process. Yes, TubeBuddy to your rescue again!

5. Best time to publish

As a digital entrepreneur or an established business person, you know that it is important to time and schedule the publication of your new videos. You will upload videos when most of your audience is online. Trying to figure this out on your own can be quite a task and might take a chunk of your effort, hard work, and time. Even then, you may get only poor results. 

But with TubeBuddy, you don’t need to spend much effort nor try to guess it. Tubebuddy will tell you the ideal days and times to upload new content. Uploading your new video at this systematically analyzed time will help you gain more views and help you earn more money.

6. Brand alerts

In this competitive digital world, tracking your YouTube mentions is as important as tracking your social media mentions. This incredible tool helps you do just that. First, it will scan videos that use your brand names in titles and tags. It is a great tool to monitor your brand.

You can also set alerts to keep up with your brand mentions. You can keep up with your competitors as well by knowing and monitoring their mentions in various videos.

7. Auto translator

Now, once you’ve created a video in your own native language or your preferred language, you will have to make it accessible to the global audience as well. This is possible through this excellent tool that comes with TubeBuddy: the auto translator. It will translate titles, descriptions, and tags into various languages. This auto translator helps with international SEO, allowing you to gain more audience from an extensive area or geography. Regional barriers hindering your marketing outflow? Well, not anymore!

8. Comment moderation

When your channel grows, you will have several comments coming up. This TubeBuddy review gives you a little insight into a very helpful tool. This tool helps filter comments according to significance. It enables you to sort through the comments, reply faster using pre-made canned responses, and helps you get to the comments which matter (through the comment filter). It also highlights recent subscribers and patron supporters. It is an effective tool that will help you engage with your online community.

9. Thumbnail generator

Are you tired of spending too much time creating thumbnails in photoshop or taking screenshots of images that you like and putting it through an image editor to modify it properly? Well, then this tool is the best option to save your time and effort. This tool helps you generate thumbnails for your uploads. It helps you save and reuse your templates to create a consistent brand look in all your videos.

10. Social monitor

This feature helps you find out various social media platforms where your videos are being discussed. It checks multiple social media handles like Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit, among others. This will show you the whereabouts of your videos. You will also be able to view the feedback you get from various platforms. TubeBuddy spares you the effort of manually searching for all these social media platforms for your videos.

11. Demonetization Auditr

Nothing is worse than putting hard work into a video and finally uploading it, only to discover that some of the texts or words used in your video are inappropriate. This essential tool helps you inspect your titles, keywords, and tags and cautions you if any of them are sensitive enough to cause demonetization. It is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

12. Publish to Facebook

Posting your videos just on one platform is not enough because your audiences are scattered across various social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most extensively used social media platforms. Moreover, if you look carefully, Facebook never lets you play YouTube videos as and when you like. All it does is share a link that will redirect the user to the original YouTube video. 

Here, TubeBuddy comes into the picture. Tubebuddy helps you simultaneously upload videos to both YouTube and Facebook. When you use TubeBuddy to do so, your video will appear and be played in the user’s feed itself! This will generate more curiosity and interest than a simple redirect link.

13. Upload checklist

Usually, after uploading a video, we realize that we forgot to add some crucial information. This tool will help you to remember everything you need to include with the help of a checklist. You can create this checklist while you enter all the necessary information about your video. This will help you check off items that you’ve already entered, and it will remind you of the points left out. Impressive, isn’t it?

All good reviews will contain the products’ pros and cons. Here, we will be doing the same for the Tubebuddy review too.


  • It is a very simple tool to use. It is not at all complicated, and thus there is a limited learning curve present.
  • A comprehensive tool comprising a useful set of features.
  • Most of the primary useful features are free, and the monthly plans are also reasonably priced.
  • In this competitive world, it helps you keep track of your competitors’ online presence.


  • One major drawback is that TubeBuddy only works on one channel. If you have multiple channels, you will have to buy a separate subscription for it.
  • No android application for the same is available.
  • Though plenty of features are free, advanced features which are of great importance require payment.
  • Customer service is a little slow.

Concluding this TubeBuddy review, it is a highly recommended tool. Put your foot on the pedal and go for it! It is an indispensable tool for YouTubers who want to grow and leave their mark in the digital world. It simplifies your tasks and saves time and effort. It is comprehensive and helps you gain more subscribers and quick money. Well, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Well, it definitely is. And this is coming from a very famous YouTuber who gained over 1 million subscribers in a span of 1.5 years. It was all thanks to TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy helps you understand the YouTube algorithm and tells you which content works better with the audience. 

It gives you a better YouTube SEO understanding. Shooting in the dark while trying to make something for yourself is never a good option, and without this powerful tool, you are essentially doing this.

Is TubeBuddy safe?

This TubeBuddy review highlights this point. With TubeBuddy, there is literally nothing to worry about. Tubebuddy is a 100% YouTube certified extension. This means it is entirely safe to use and won’t be a threat to your personal or professional development.

 How to use TubeBuddy?

You can start by going to their official website Tubebuddy, after which you need to click on the “install free on chrome button.” This will redirect you to the Google Chrome extension site. On this page, you should find an icon on the top right corner that reads “add to chrome.” You need to click on this icon. 

After doing this, you will be able to see a new TubeBuddy icon present on the top right corner of your screen. Once this setup is completed, you need to visit YouTube. Now, if your YouTube channel is not linked correctly, a warning sign will pop up and ask you to re-link your channel. Once this is done, you should see a new TubeBuddy drop-down panel when you go to YouTube.

Isn’t it pretty simple?

Is TubeBuddy free?

Now, the TubeBuddy extension is free, and it includes all basic tools. For more specific features, there are plans which range from $9 – $49 per month. 

Interesting fact: it also offers a discount of up to 50% if your subscribers are less than 1000. So various plans include the pro plan, which is 9$ per month. This is a significant upgrade from the free plan, and apart from various other features, the keyword explorer and suggested tags are no longer limited.

Then there is the star plan, which costs $19 per month. This plan will give you the bulk processing tools, which will help you speed up your process. It will also automatically finish many tasks for you.

Finally, TubeBuddy offers the legend plan, which is $49 per month. This is TubeBuddy’s premium plan. A/B testing is a key feature that comes with this plan. It also allows thumbnail comparisons for better performance.

All these plans are definitely worth your investment, considering your level of vlogging. Considering your revenue, startup, and skills, you can choose the plan you like!

And yes, every plan will make your channel grow more and help you make more money.