How to Promote Blog Posts?


Want to know how to promote your awesome blog? No ideas as to how to go about it. Then you’ve come to the right place. Read further to know how you can work on getting traffic to your blog!

 With the help of this article, you can utilize ten functional tips on how to promote your blog free of cost.

You don’t need to pay any extra money for premium tools or use paid subscriptions. Just follow a few of these steps on what to do after publishing an article.

Facebook is the Ultimate Traffic Loader so Share it!

Drive traffic from facebook

When you share your work on Facebook, it provides you with a bigger set of readers and thereby quicker exposure for your blog. It might just start off with friends and family but you never know when a few clicks can make you go viral!

Write up a short but sassy description that talks about what your post is about and why they should read it. It has been proven that the best time to post on Facebook is between 11 AM and 1 PM on  Wednesdays.

Keeping a few of these useful statistics in mind can help your posts make a bigger impact. The next thing to remember is to set up your Facebook page properly. Even if it just might seem like a social media page, it is a symbol of your work and blog, and how you maintain it will determine if people will stick around to read more.  Don’t forget you are a brand and since you want to establish your brand don’t forget to make it the best way possible.

If you haven’t configured your social media pages, then now is the time to do so. It really takes no time or effort and luckily for you, creating a more professional Facebook page will make you appear more professional and enticing to the readers.

Facebook’s assisted page creation process is a simple process and all you need to do is to simply fill up the required fields, upload an attractive profile picture, and set up a relevant cover photo. Take note to ensure that you enter your correct contact information so that you can encourage any potential leads and other influencers can also connect with you.

Don’t forget to use a unique username to make your page much more accessible and set up the “Learn More” button to redirect users to your website where they can know more about you and your brand.

Hashtag your way through Twitter and drive traffic.

Twitter is one of the easiest to use fun platforms that can be beneficial for your blog. Twitter has always been an important part of blog promotions.

You can utilize several programs that give you an insight on how to use hashtags that are trending to give your articles a bigger outreach. The process of blog promotion is very similar to that of posting your content on Facebook.

However, there is a tweet limit of about 280-characters per post. That’s really not a lot but it should be enough for a crisp and concise introduction to your post.

Similar to that of Facebook, there are also certain posting times that could maximize the visibility of your posts. From Mondays to Fridays, posting at 9 in the morning has generated better leads. Posting between 10 PM and 4 AM should be kept to the minimum as fewer people check their Twitter feeds for news late at night.

Use Pinterest to Convey Your Posts Visually

Posts with a visual appeal will always attract more readers. If you are particularly talking about recipes, DIY stuff, or anything that can be portrayed better with visual content, Pinterest is the way to go. A quick look at the platform will show you how other bloggers, marketers, and businesses utilize Pinterest for their benefit. 

Customize your content to share it on Pinterest as this will give you better results. You don’t have to pay for expensive graphic designing, but you can easily figure out plenty of tools like Piktochart that let you make your own presentable visuals in no time. 

For absolutely nailing your Pinterest strategy, it is important to identify a posting schedule that works for your audience. Some studies have shown that around 9 PM is the best time to post. It was seen that on Fridays and Saturdays, Pinterest users on an average sign in to look for useful visual suggestions. 

Regrettably, it is not always easy to post at night especially before the weekend. But you can use tools like Tailwind to pre-plan and schedule your posts. It has a very useful set of features, like analytics, bulk uploads, etc.

Publish it on LinkedIn to Reach a Professional Audience

Posting on LinkedIn

The best way to ensure productive online networking is knowing the ideal content for each website. This is not due to these sites’ work but it additionally has something to do with the content inclinations of readers.

LinkedIn is a site for the individuals who want to up their professional networking game as it is the ideal spot to put up detailed content that requires certain expertise and knowledge.

The most effective method to advance a blog on LinkedIn is that it permits you to distribute content right on the webpage. It will be automatically included in your profile’s “Articles and movement” segment.

Instagram Visuals to Gain a Bigger Reach

instagram visuals

Earlier, we had just referenced Pinterest for advancing visual content, yet we unquestionably shouldn’t disregard Instagram, one of the biggest visual social media platforms today. Other than just personal pictures and selfies, you can also discover that people use plenty of ideas and techniques to promote their blog content.

Instagram gives you an option to share your content directly onto other platforms which makes it super easy to put up your content everywhere.  You can build affinity with your crowd through real and personal posts.

With the help of the suggestions mentioned above, you can easily increase traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to include a couple of genuine posts i.e. your own photographs that give followers a quick look at who you are as a person.

Participate in Social Media Groups to Connect with Prospects

It’s one thing to utilize social media as an ordinary individual your readers can identify with. In any case, to really be on your intended interest group’s radar, you have to really take an interest in social media as a daily user. 

Joining online groups that are identified with your specialty is a positive development. Suppose you are a food blogger and you might want to blend with similarly invested people. On LinkedIn, simply type “food” and select ‘Groups’ from the drop menu.

Some online networking groups forbid users from sharing something that is promotional. Try not to stress — it ought to be generally simple to discover people that permit the sharing of personal content.

In any case, you can at present advance your image by building an incredible profile and taking an interest through providing answers, running surveys to get helpful bits of knowledge from groups and As you assume the job of a contributing individual, you in no time will have the option to pick up acknowledgment and support. Simply stay dynamic and keep offering an incentive to the groups by sharing your insight.

Obtain Potential Leads on Quora

Get leads from quora

It is not only through social media groups aren’t the only platforms where you can endorse your blog by posting and answering questions. There are several Q&A or Question & Answer websites that are useful to give exposure to your capability.

Quora is one of the best Q&A websites that is available today. Nothing else comes close to Quora as the best Q&A platform on the internet. 

Be that as it may, dissimilar to social media systems, advancing your blog content on Quora requires intricate knowledge and planning. Read exhaustively when you have the opportunity on how to promote using Quora so that you can understand everything from making an attractive bio to understanding content requirements.

Leaving comments on Authoritative Blogs for Additional Traffic

Once you have done all that is needed to do related to social media promotions, you can head over to other authoritative sites in your niche to leave a link to your blog post for some traffic. 

This might sound a little crazy but you sure can do it, very carefully. The reality is that most bloggers nowadays don’t allow comments with external links. As this is an obvious promotion attempt, spammers also take benefit of blog comments and damage the user experience. 

It is not that every blog out there would turn down a comment that includes links. But the safer bet is to not do it if you don’t see any approved comment with a link. Just comment naturally and try and invest in a budding association between you and the authoritative blogger. 

Ensure that your comment adds value to the post and avoid spreading any hate. This would most likely entice the readers to look up your name online. It is also helpful to know that there are blogs that let you present links to a particular page. But they wouldn’t prefer any links to be posted on the actual comment.

Now all you need to do is to figure out how to leave an insightful comment so that it is worthy of approval.

A pro tip is to use Gravatar, the integrated commenting system on WordPress which pulls in user images. It is an international avatar service that by design uploads an image based on the user’s email address.

Offer Your Content on Message Boards

Notwithstanding internet based life, Q&A platforms, and different websites, you can likewise support your blog content through message boards.

In contrast to blogs, message boards are bound to acknowledge posts that incorporate links. You can discover them on Google utilizing any applicable catchphrase alongside terms like “forums” or “message boards.”

Assume you are in the baking niche and would like to promote your latest banana bread recipe. A search query people would make would be something like best ever banana bread on message boards and you want to make sure that your post pops up.

Albeit a lot of forums give you the opportunity to post voluntarily, you will still need to design your methodology. A general guideline is to write crisp informative messages and these readers will have the option to master something without being compelled to click a link.

Viral Content Bee – An Interesting Platform to Utilize the Social Reach of Other Users

The above points are all really helpful, as far as blog promotion goes. While everything you have learned until now should be enough to get you ahead of the game, there are a lot of other strategies as well for blog promotions.  There are some strategies that are guaranteed to generate the traffic you desire for your posts.

 Using Viral Content Bee to popularize your content is one such method. It is similar to that of an open marketplace wherein social shares are the primary commodity. Simply stating, you basically obtain “credits” by sharing the posts of other bloggers on your social media pages. In return, you can also use these credits to have your own works shared by other bloggers out there.

Isn’t this a fantastic way to improve traffic and promote your blog?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote my blog post?

Sharing your content on social media, using visual platforms, forums and message boards are some of the best ways to promote your blog.

How to use social media to boost your traffic?

Use Twitter, start a Facebook page for your blog, and regularly share your content on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to ask others to promote your blog and implement other visual treats on your website.

Is it expensive to promote a blog?

No, it doesn’t take any cost to promote a blog. All it takes is some planning research and commitment.

Which social media is best for promoting blogs?

Each social media has its own benefits. For example, Pinterest and Instagram rely on visuals to attract readers whereas Facebook and Twitter work slightly differently based on your content.

Is it difficult to set up and manage social media pages?

The process of setting up social media pages is simple and easy to follow step by step process that takes no time and effort to start or operate.