Wizikey – Data-Driven PR Solution


The main motive of a newly started business is maximum outreach. Reaching and making their services available to as many people as possible is seen as a sign of success and growth. Different businesses use different methods of growth to cultivate a loyal user base. A committed user base enhances the services of a business with valuable feedback. 

Most businesses use the power of advertisement to promote their services. The use of ad-tech services is popular among businesses, no matter their size. Nowadays, you can find an ad on almost all social media and entertainment platforms. This is effective, tried, and tested method to raise awareness about your platform and make your presence felt. But what if we told you that there is a better way to promote your business. The name of that way is Wizikey, and it’s here to change the way you handle your brand’s publicity. Read on to find out more about Wizikey and how it can change the way you advertise your product.

What is Wizikey, and why should you use it?

In simple terms, Wizikey is a Software-as-a-Service tool that helps you build your brand image through reputation management. Wizikey uses the power of AI and relevant data to market your business and products. It acts as your PR manager by connecting businesses with journalists and media people best suited to their needs. It helps you create meaningful relations with them, which assist in growth and development.

According to reports, India has more than 2.5 million businesses that use Ad-tech tools for publicity, but only 20,000 of them use the power of PR. Wizikey aims to bridge this gap by empowering businesses through their tools. Wizikey provides you with transparency, speed, and simplicity to take your brand to new heights. 

The team behind Wizikey

The Wizikey tool was co-founded by Anshul Sethi, an IIT and MICA alumnus who has a knack for creating innovative brands and Aakriti Bhargava, an SRCC and MICA alumnus who has the vision to make the valuable tool of PR accessible to all. 

Wizkey integrates technology and communication to create a powerful tool. With their valuable team of hardworking and dedicated individuals, Wizikey has provided efficient services to more than 300+ businesses. 

Platforms that Wizikey covers

Wizikey has 3 tools that include and serve all your publicity needs. These 3 tools are optimized and aimed at providing maximum reach for your brand. They include,

  • WiziDo– The WiziDo tool helps you to create the content you want people to see. It helps you in building your story and tracking its reach.
  • Wizdom– This tool measures your brand’s Earned Media Authority by compiling data from the country’s top publication. Earned Media Authority is a metric that quantifies the PR impact. 
  • WizConnect– This tool by Wizikey features more than 2500 publications to help you to connect with the right journalist, best suited to your needs. 

What are the features of the tools?

Wizikey, with its smart tools, ensures the success of your brand. WiziDo gives you a smooth and comprehensive PR strategy that you can adopt. Wizdom ensures that your story and content reach relevant media houses. Wizdom targets over 20,000 journalists. WizConnect presents you with valuable real-time data that you can utilize to improve upon your media authority.

Together with these three powerful tools, Wizkey provides you with the complete PR solution. Along with this, Wizikey also lets you download customized reports of your activities. 

How accurate is Wizikey?

Wizikey uses a unique algorithm to boost your image. The first step in providing the perfect service to you is the sentiment analysis of the brand. Now, what does sentiment analysis mean? Sentiment analysis is a tool that helps users understand their image in the media. It shows them whether the media has a positive or a negative outlook towards the brand. This aids in coming up with new ways to boost your brand image according to the situation. 

Wizikey’s sentiment analysis uses a high tech algorithm. Built with the utmost care and precision, this algorithm is at the core of Wizikey. The tech team behind Wizikey’s unique algorithm keeps it confidential and close to themselves. The algorithm is said to analyze various facets of the media world like publications, journalist followers, rating content genre, comments, etc. 

The new Wizikey app

Along with all the other lucrative features, Wizikey has recently launched its android app. With the powerful new app, the users can quickly gather relevant news in less than 5 seconds. They can compare and analyze themselves against their competitors in less than 30 seconds. The app has a curated database of more than 150 news publications, bound to make your PR troubles easier. 

Along with these amazing features, the Wizikey app also offers quick trend analysis on their brand keywords and also real-time news coverage. The Wizikey app is free and is available for all android supported devices and platforms. 

What are the big brands that use the power of the Wizikey tool?

Wizikey has been widely successful in creating a long-lasting brand name through media relations. Some of the prominent brands that are utilizing the services of Wizikey include UrbanClap, SAIF Partners, Junglee Games, Info Edge, Bertelsmann, and BlockChain. 

Road Map of Wizikey

The team behind Wizikey moves ahead with the following aims.

  • Help brands to reach out to relevant journalists with utmost precision. This is done by creating a journalist recommendation system based on a set of data points. 
  • Provide templates to brands to create a unique story for themselves, because nobody can tell a better story about them than the brands themselves.
  • Give an accurate sentiment analysis to understand whether the media is positive or negative about the brand. 

The modern solution to establishing a strong brand image is utilizing PR and establishing a strong media presence. Only advertisements on different platforms may not yield the results you are expecting. Wizikey, with its wide variety of sophisticated tools, helps to bridge the gap between your brand and success. Success with Wizikey is guaranteed; you just have to take the first step. 

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