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There are several alternatives to Google Adsense and there is plenty of online sources talking about the best alternative for those who have been affected by Adsense’ unforgiving policy process. Take a look at which is an ad network that can also include all geographical locations completely. You can also increase or even double your income as it is not just your ‘next available option’ because you can also add it to your existing stack of ad networks. – What it is and how it works? is a pay-per-click contextual ad network. This means that ads are very much related to the content you put up and to your users because as well. This is because they are based on the content you put up on your blog pages. It’s a combination of the yahoo bing advertiser network with’s platform. Here are some of the major pros of using this platform:

  • It has a dedicated account manager that makes things so much easier.
  • It has really good rpm performance (dependent on the site vertical)
  • Lots of options to be creative
  • A very Intuitive and informative dashboard.
  • Provides the same vibe of that of google’s ad network
  • Actual real-time reporting of impressions with very little delay in revenue and rpm reporting 

So how do you get on

The initial step is to actually request an invite.  with, how it works is that it manually reviews all sites submitted for policy compliance. This then is followed by the publisher being notified via email of the result. Once you are approved, you will obtain your login credentials along with the confirmation of your approval.

But in case you are rejected, they will give you a set of possible reasons in their notification email. This is usually due to a low volume of traffic from tier 1 geographical locations such as the US, Canada,  the UK. Traffic might be of low quality or the content might not be contextually relevant to Ads or might be plagiarised. Sometimes sensitive content or inaccurate  Information can also lead to rejection by

In case you get rejected, you can file for an appeal. That is only possible if you think your site meets’s program guidelines. Provide credible reasons and facts showing how your site can provide value to advertisers should they advertise on it.

How to implement it?

When you receive your login credentials, ad units can be created as per your need. You can customize your creatives however you like, change the color scheme to make it part of your site thus making it more clickable. All changes are up to you. You can also utilize the various options from among the few ad styles already available.

It is an intuitive and thoughtful process to create an Ad unit that even a neophyte won’t get lost. Don’t forget to enable your mobile option if you have one of those with mobile sites. You may choose the ‘enable the mobile option’ and will show a docked unit on your screen at the bottom which would provide you with more income.

All that is left to do once all settings are in place is to just save and obtain the code. Once you have done that, copy & paste the snippet of code in its correct place on your site.

How do reporting and payment work? has an excellent dashboard view that provides a more granular view of your statistics and as it allows you to break numbers down by site, by ad units, or overall, you can utilize these numbers to benefit your blog and find out what ads get clicked on and what does not have many clicks. You have an option to choose the date range based on your requirement and export to Excel. To reiterate, as mentioned earlier, there might be some delays in rpm & revenue reporting, even though these impressions are always reported in real-time.

But be patient with it as it is still an excellent ad network and works better than most of the programs out there.

For payment, the threshold of is 100 USD. This means that for them to issue payment on a monthly basis you need to at least accrue 100 dollars. Therefore you need to accumulate $100 or more before can actually start sending you money. There are two choices to get payment. It can be through account transfer or PayPal. 

Thus in all ways it can be concluded that is one of the most efficient and easy-to-work-with ad networks out there. If you are looking or a source of income through your blogs, don’t just stop with Adsense. Take a look at your options and you will realize that there are plenty of sources. You can obtain success like several publishers out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does pay per 1000 impressions?

Bloggers can receive anywhere between $1-$5 rpm and more depending on several factors such as their geographical location, type of content, and traffic.

Is a good network to earn revenue?

Yes, is an excellent alternative to Adsense and is said to be one of the highest paying ad networks in the industry.

What is the cost of is an ad network that is free of cost to all publishers out there and anyone can join for free and use this network monetize their traffic.

How much money can I earn from

The money you make will depend upon a lot of factors such as your traffic quality, niche, ad layout, demographics, geographical traffic location, and more. But you can receive anywhere between $1-$5 rpm or more.

How does work?

With the help of placing contextual and relevant ads on your blog, shows ads based on the content of your web pages. It combines yahoo bing advertiser network with’s platform. Bloggers can earn through their traffic by showing ads from the network and based on the number of clicks earn money.