All you need to know about Google Word Coach

Google word coach

Google has added a new feature within their dictionary and online translator named Google Word Coach, available for non-English language searchers.

When you search for a word that triggers a dictionary or translate box on Google, the app may show up. This feature was designed to “expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way,” according to an official at the company.

To play this game, you simply have to answer a few MCQs about different concepts and manage to score highly. This way, Google’s search results stay fresh with interesting content. Google may launch Word Spinner in multiple languages soon.

Here is the comment of Google’s spokesperson on the Google Word Coach Game Launch

Google launched “The Google Word Coach Quiz” for non-English speaking countries, like India, in February 2018. Their spokesperson released the following statement:

Google Word Coach is a game designed to help expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It appears under our dictionary and translates boxes or when someone searches for ‘Google Word Coach’ or गूगल वर्ड कोच in Hindi in Google. It launched in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may come to other countries and languages in the future.

One of the best aspects of this game is that players who perform well earn points. That they take time to explain why your answer was wrong and what the right answer should have been.

What are the steps for opening Google word coach?

Use Google’s Chrome browser to search for words on your mobile device. Then the questions with two options will begin to appear. If you’re unsure of the answer, click “Skip” and your next question will appear. Every time you answer a question right, you’ll get a few more points added to your total. If you have closed or exited the browser, your score is lost and you must start from scratch again. You can also see detailed explanations for each conversion question, so you know exactly what is being asked.


How can I get the Google Word Coach app for my phone?

Unfortunately, the Word Coach app is not available on the desktop. You’ll need to visit Google and search for it.

How to play this Quiz Game.

That depends on what phone you’re using. Words can appear on your screen in a variety of ways- sometimes even right away when you look up definitions. For example, “coach game” may pop up on your screen if that’s the definition you were looking for. You’ll see a small dialogue box in the middle of your smartphone screen. You can begin playing the game immediately after purchasing it.


Additionally, it displays under the ‘dictionary and translation boxes’ during a smartphone search. Now, the mobile version of Google’s word coach can be accessed. The game can’t be found in web browsers on desktops or laptops (though there are browsers with similar features that allow you to play the word coach for free).


Enter the keyword “Google Word Coach” into the Chrome browser on your mobile phone. The game will play immediately once you enter a search term. What are the two possible answers to this question? It would help if you touched on the option you believe is the correct response to the given question.

That is not the answer to this question. If you’re not sure what the right answer is, Google will provide a quick explanation if you’re wrong. For as long as you desire, you can continue playing and learning from the game.

Levels, types of questions, and a high score

Infinite games are waiting for you on Google’s word coach. You can play as long as you want and answer as many questions as possible. There are a few rounds, each with five questions. A correct answer will give you points. The final score is shown at the end of the game. Both levels are available in Google’s word coach. After you answer 5 questions from level 1, you can go to level 2.


In addition, you can skip a question if you choose. Skip if you don’t know the answer or don’t want to risk selecting the wrong answer. It’s possible that you’d like to know more about the subject. Selecting the correct answer can be really tricky when your answer isn’t on the screen. Make it easier on yourself by clicking on this arrow before taking a test. This way you can feel more confident in what you’re deciding. After completing a round, you should shut the app down. Using this feature, you can post your gaming score on social media platforms for others to see.

Warning: The game will be lost if you close your browser while playing. If you do, please restart from scratch and do not share any of your progress with other players..

Don’t close the mobile browser where you’re playing a game to keep your high score. When you can, open it up and continue playing. If you turn off your phone, it’s possible that the game will be lost. In addition, the game requires an active internet connection to play. One of the first things new players are asked by Monument Valley 2 is to sign in to their Google account. It’s true that once you’ve done that, your high score will be saved forever and you can continue playing from where you left off.

Wrong answers don’t matter because they are a chance to learn and there are no points deducted for them. Whether or not your answers are right, you can go on playing the game. Google will not penalize you for it. Red answers are wrong, and green answers are right. Google Word Coach is now also available in English, and the quiz game is comparable to quiz games in other languages.

How to Create a Shortcut for Google Word Coach?

The game’s icon only works on smartphones and not on any other devices. This shortcut icon can be found on your Home Screen.

At the bottom left of a game card’s results in the Google search engine, you can see a mini arrow. You can create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen to create Google Coach Word Documents by tapping it.

What Was the Key Reason for Building Google Word Coach?

Google is constantly updating its search results to something more and more useful. The recently launched Word Coach game is informative and built to improve English language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It is for non-US-based search results to help those looking for definitions/translations to improve their English.

The search engine king has just launched in India and non-English speaking countries. They are also already in other countries and languages. They’ve included a replacement feature, called “Google Word Coach” in the Google dictionary & translate boxes for non-English speakers.

When you perform research, Google provides you with a dictionary box that is automatically accompanied by the Word Coach. The latter helps improve your English vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

How Does Google Word Coach Differ From Other Google Services?

When Google was about to release a new update for its algorithm, it took an additional step of adding the Word Coach game. So, Google users tend to feel engaged and learn more. It takes only a minute to start studying or playing the quiz game by typing “Google Word Coach” on your smartphone. Google has a dictionary and resources to help users with a single click. However, the game is a fun-filled way of improving your English vocabulary. Plus, you can learn an increasing number of English words as you progress.

Both English beginners and experts can play this game. You can earn some reward points when you give the right answers. You will get a detailed explanation for all the wrong answers, which holds the interest of users who want to play until the final stage.

As Google Word Coach implements fun and encourages all age groups to learn easily and quickly, it is quite different from other Google services.

Google Word Coach Availability and Future Predictions

Expand your vocabulary and have fun with this language-learning game! You can start playing this game anytime by searching for “Google Word Coach”. It displays below the translation boxes and dictionary.

This game is available across India and countries where English isn’t the main language. You can find it by searching for ‘Google Wedge Code in Hindi’. In the future it may be available in other countries & languages. Google may upgrade this English vocabulary by improving the game to other languages in the coming years. If they learn a second, third, or fourth language it can be a great gift for people who want to learn more about the world.

The Bottom Line

Google Word Coach is the name of the new feature that is exclusive to Google search and offers a fun learning experience. Even though the play is very basic, it should make you confident and provide some English language skills. This would be best for learners who are just starting to learn English.

Google translate also has the capability to be displayed in other languages. As there’s a chance for this game to be available in other languages, something that can improve your search experience will happen. This guide should have helped you learn all the important things about Google’s Word Coach. Now, start enjoying it to improve your English vocabulary skills.