Divi Theme Review – One of the Best Themes out there today?


Here’s our take on the Divi theme! In this article, we will investigate the inward functions of Elegant’s Divi theme, analyze the key highlights it offers as a theme, talk about how to utilize it, investigate the different pricing options, and wrap up by giving you our decision on whether it merits the expenditure for your business. 

First of all: Divi is, obviously, an enormously famous subject! Part of this prominence should be ascribed to the way that Elegant Themes — the maker of Divi — is the most mainstream free WordPress store available today. Along these lines, it bodes well that the Divi theme is very mainstream too. 

However, aside from that, it can be mentioned that Divi genuinely is amazing and it packs a huge load of features and conveys them in a bundle that is anything but difficult to get a handle on (even for a newbie!). 

This unique cordial nature is maybe Divi’s greatest selling point. Yet, we will look into all that in a moment. 

Let’s begin with the nuts and bolts of the theme: What Is Divi?

As referenced, Divi is the lead formation of Elegant Themes. It’s what’s normally alluded to as a superior theme. As such, it’s much similar to standard WordPress themes, yet better, and greater… significantly greater in many ways. 

Divi can fill different needs and fit any sort of site. Essentially, regardless of what kind of site you need to construct (and regardless of the plan too), Divi guarantees it can deal with the work. 

Also, Divi is worked in view of the learner. Everything from set-up to the interface, and how you can deal with refreshes later on, has been inherent in a way that even a total fresher can get the hang of it rapidly. 

More or less: 

  • Divi is a totally utilitarian WordPress subject that works straight out of the crate. It needn’t bother with a specific establishment method past how you would need to manage some other WordPress subject.
  • It doesn’t expect you to have any WordPress coding experience or site building aptitudes. Generally, every customization is accessible through a helpful UI.
  • You can do the majority of your tweaking directly toward the front. Implying that as opposed to thinking about what your adjustments will resemble on the live site, you get a continuous review as you’re doing your customizations.
  • It lets you assemble essentially any kind of plan or design comprehensible, while as yet utilizing a similar subject.

Looking inside Divi — How to Use It

Divi is a premium theme (we will look into pricing a little later), you can’t find it via WordPress.org’s default theme directory. But, you will have to go to Elegant Themes, join the club, and get your own ZIP file containing the theme.

Once you have the ZIP file, you can install it like you would any other theme— through the panel found in Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme.

When you’ ae done with the installation and have activated the theme active, you can go to the main settings of the theme where it has its own menu in the main sidebar where you can discover the link to the settings panel:

Divi theme options

Juggling all of those rows, columns, and content blocks is how you construct a page with Divi.

To begin with, go to edit your homepage, and hit the big button that says Use The Divi Builder.

Use the divi builder

This will bring the main Divi visual builder. At this point, there isn’t much there, but this will all change soon.

To make everything easier, you can pick something from the available layouts that come in the box with Divi. You can load them by clicking on the ‘…’ and ‘+’ icons at the bottom of the screen:

Easier Layout

There are a lot of attractive layouts to choose from, and they’re all just a hunt away, with some illustrations listed as well.

Attractive Layout

The one downside is that before loading it onto your website, you can’t really see what a particular interface looks like. This is not a huge pain, however because choosing a template layout is something you would usually only do while working on a given page at the beginning stages, so you won’t risk losing any real content.

I have to say, the method of importing the layout works very smoothly. All you need to do is click on the template you want, and in a matter of seconds, it will be imported.


With it the preview window can be switched between views of the desktop, tablet and phone. Also from a bird’s eye view, you can zoom in and out to see the entire page.

You can also move to the wireframe view using the same toolbar if you want to, which focuses more on the sequence of content blocks on your page and their settings, rather than their particular appearances. When operating on a larger page, this can be helpful.

Operated on Large Page

Besides, you can click on almost any piece of text that you see on the website and edit it directly. All of the usual text-processing tools you would expect to use are available (bold, italic, quotes, font size and type adjustments, and so on).

As for the individual rows and lines, just by grabbing one of them and dragging it into position, you can freely realign them.

But Divi, of course, is not just about modifying an existing layout and bending it to your will, you’re waiting for a lot more.

Interesting Features in Divi

  • In real time, it enables you to design/build your platform. There is a live preview of everything that you do. On any settings tab, there’s no need to fill out a form, click ‘Save and then refresh the page to see if the effect is all right. With all that, Divi does away with it.
  • Text editing is performed in a click-to-type way, which essentially functions just like a document from MS Word.
  • All mobile interfaces are responsive.
  • Several rows, columns and content elements may be used. Divi comes with more than 20 pre-made layouts out of the box.
  • You can save your layouts and export/import them to use on other sites.
  • You can save your own global elements, which is useful if you have something you’d like to use numerous times throughout the site.
  • Nearly everything works through drag and drop.
  • Library of content elements available is really remarkable:
  • Divi also comes translated into 32 languages — with right-to-left languages built-in, too.

How Easy Is It to Use?


However since Divi is very feature-rich, it can be daunting to get started from scratch and with a blank canvas. That’s why it’s easier to import and try to change one of the ready-made templates first.

Then you should be able to use Divi very effectively soon after, once you get the hang of how things work.

That being said, Divi, not just any ol’ WordPress theme ‘, is a big software product in itself. And as such, before you can call yourself a true Divi Pro, there are a lot of things to discover.

So in short, if you just want to create a nice-looking site, I’d say the learning curve is non-existent, but then it gets very steep if you want to take advantage of the full spectrum of Divi’s capabilities.

Pricing and Verdict

The Divi theme is a premium product, but in the WordPress room, the pricing model is an original one. Basically, you purchase access to Elegant Themes’ entire collection of themes and plugins instead of paying for the theme itself.

This, thankfully, doesn’t turn out to be that expensive. The membership actually comes in two forms:


You get access not only to Divi, but also to all of Elegant Themes’ other themes and plugins for that price.

Well this simply comes down to your needs, and to your WordPress theme expectations.

It’s amazingly adjustable and can fulfil every role you can imagine, one of the main things Divi has going for it.This ensures that you will always be able to use the same style, even though you change the course of your site in the future. Divi is a good investment for that.

Divi also helps you to create your website on your own from beginning to end, without having to know the code or hire a designer to assist you with the job.

Finally, both types of licences allow you to use Divi on unlimited websites, so you won’t have to pay anything extra, even if you plan to launch another site later on.

It’s not that easy for me to point out any important drawbacks of Divi, if I’m honest,

On the one hand when it comes to designing those fun page layouts, Divi is very shortcode-dependent, which means you’ll lose them if you ever try to move to another theme. But on the other hand, if you change your style, it’s more than anticipated to lose your current design, so it’s hard to hold that against Divi.

Perhaps the only downside is you’ll only receive updates for as long as you have an active subscription. For many other premium themes, updates come free of charge, since they often include security patches and other key components.


As you can see, you get access to a huge and growing range of pre-built page templates, a powerful visual content editor, and some other useful features if you choose Divi to help you ensure that your content not only looks fantastic, but helps you achieve your business objectives.

Now, let’s conclude with the features and more, to show you exactly what you get for your money if you purchase Divi.

High-Quality Content Templates

Arguably, its template library and the page builder function are the two key highlights of Divi. The Divi Builder tool will be of greatest interest to you if you want to develop a custom WordPress website template from scratch. The pre-designed content templates, however will play a large part for everyone else in whether or not you want this theme for your website.

If you want some help with designing your new website, then you’ll be happy to know that Divi is likely to have the largest range of high-quality page templates available today from any WordPress theme.

These models cover a wide variety of initiatives, from company websites to yoga studios and e-commerce stores to frameworks for learning management.

Finding a layout

Drag-and-Drop Content Editor (Divi Builder)

Learn to Code

This work takes place in the Divi Builder when it comes to making modifications to the models or building new content designs from scratch. Over the years, this tool has been updated several times and is now one of WordPress’ most strong and impressive page builders available.

Reusable Custom Content

Reusable custom

Through the global modules feature, everything you produce in the Divi Builder can be saved for use in your web. This includes any modules that you modify or edit. You can monitor how they are updated when producing reusable assets, including creating dynamic assets that allow you to update all instances at the touch of a button.


Divi is also highly portable, making moving your layouts and other assets between WordPress websites simple. It has some great time-saving features if you intend to build several websites with Divi, which can help make your workflow more effective.

However, all of these new features, strength, and creative freedom come with a price, and that is the relatively steep learning curve of mastering the new user interface.

Full Creative Control

Through the Divi Builder interface, all aspects of your content can be personalized, giving you complete control over the design of your posts and pages. The newly added Theme Builder app, however, gives you complete control over the other sections of your website, too after a recent update. 

Most WordPress themes, like page builders, give you the opportunity to create custom post designs and pages. They don’t always, however, allow you to customize the other sections of your site, such as the header, footer, and theme templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Divi theme good?

In order to offer a genuinely useful multipurpose WordPress style, Divi blends fantastic looks with a wealth of impressive features. A wide range of page templates and an easy-to-use page builder would suit both those wanting an out-of-the-box solution, as well as someone without coding who wants to create custom designs.

How quick is the Divi theme?

The page load times for “real-world page designs designed with Divi and the Divi Builder hovered about ~ 2 seconds on just a cheap $ 5 per month Digital Ocean droplet, which is perfect for most pages.

What is the distinction between the Divi and Divi Builder?

The difference between the two is that the Divi theme is composed of the Divi Builder, and all you need is packed in one theme. So you don’t need to download the Divi Builder as it’s already included when you download the Divi Theme. The Divi Creator, the plugin itself, can be used for various themes.

Is Divi worth purchasing?

Overall, Divi is a great option for DIY users. Divi is worth checking out if you’re not a coder, but you would like to be able to configure anything on your own and through a simple user interface.