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The concept of marketing has changed over time and every small or large scale business is utilizing the power of the internet to increase turnover and drive potential customers. Online marketing has taken over the wheel without a doubt. If you’re looking to build a successful community and draw customers, you need to build the right content for your marketing. The easiest way to reach your audience and build trust with them depends on how you present your brand to them. Even if your marketing is well-crafted, you still need the right marketing tools to analyze and find what is already trending around, which won’t be easy to do on your own, and this is where Buzzsumo comes in help.

What is Buzzsumo?

BuzzSumo is an excellent content marketing research and analysis tool which offers insights into the content that is being shared on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. The social platforms provide you data about backlinks, publication, influencers, and the research behind the content based on keyword searches done on Buzzsumo. So these tools help determine the content that strikes a chord with the audience.

It provides you information on what content is working, why it is working, and which influencers can amplify it. In simple words, it is used to analyze the information that is distributed across the various sites and provides thorough and robust data to all businesses by analyzing thousands of millions of pieces of content. 

Who introduced Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo announced a seed in September 2014, founded by Steve Rayson, James Blackwell, and Henley Wing Chiu. The content marketing and influencer ID platform Buzzsumo was later acquired by Brighton-based Brandwatch. 

Though they were excited to use Brandwatch’s expertise to enhance Buzzsumo for its customers, the team continued to run the daily operations of Buzzsumo with no change in the branding. 

Platforms covered by Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo helps in tracking social media engagement from platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit. In 2020, Buzzsumo YouTube analyzer has been launched to give a greater understanding of the world of video to its users.

Buzzsumo stores socially shared content of around 5 billion+ articles in its database, and adds up to 2.5 million new URLs every day. 

What features does Buzzsumo offer?

  1. Topic Explorer: This search tool helps in finding topics and important queries that are related to a search term. It provides insight into what your audience’s interests are.
  2. Content Search: Buzzsumo scans a database of over 5 billion articles for your chosen topic and lets you discover the most popular socially shared content in any niche.

    Buzzsumo Content search

 3.Content Analyzer: Buzzsumo takes your search to the next level allowing you to run powerful analysis – it drills down to any topic and provides you with what’s going down and what’s rising. You can compare different content topics or brands, which makes it easy for you to decide what type of content suits you the best.

4.Influencer identification: Buzzsumo helps you identify authors and creators who truly drive engagement. You can uncover influential trend-breakers by the content they share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the web.

Buzzsumo - Influencer

  1. Trending: You can identify trends in seconds with billions of posts available in one place and discover what content is shared the most out on social media over the past 24 hours, with scoring to help you illustrate how that content has been shared.
  2. Facebook Analyzer: It identifies the best performing Facebook posts by topic or page. With a database of more than two billion Facebook posts and two million more being added every single day, Facebook Analyzer helps you build your market strategically with granular analysis of the post type and engagement over time.
  3. Question Analyzer: It provides a detailed look at customer questions about products or topic areas from an index of hundreds of forums, including Reddit, Quora, and Amazon Q&A.
  4. The Evergreen Score: It is an internal ranking system that provides insight into the content that engages audiences for longer periods. The more engagements and links received by an article after the initial 30-day period, the higher the score.
  5. Brand and Media Monitoring: It monitors brand mentions, industry updates in the content shared online, and also monitors your competitors so you can stay one step ahead. Writers and publishers are allowed to identify link-building opportunities by backlink and domain authority.
  6. Projects: It is a multi-purpose workspace where you can save the identified content, influencers, questions, and Facebook posts searched through BuzzSumo or with the chrome extension.
  7. Backlinks: Socially shared content can help you discover unique indexes of backlinks that are important for your content marketing. They tell you if people find your content valuable or if it can earn the endorsement of other sites in your industry. You’ll need to continually earn backlinks to rank well in search engines.

What analytics support does Buzzsumo provide?

API and RSS access can be integrated with several analytics tools. The BuzzSumo API allows users to retrieve data programmatically on top content, top influencers, links, and articles shared. RSS feature helps Buzzsumo to send new trending articles to other frequently used social media management tools. Integration with Google Analytics is in Beta mode. 

Buzzsumo also offers an option to download reports with different plan levels.

What are the featured brands that are using Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo has been the most-loved content marketing software since its foundation. It has empowered many businesses to connect with their audiences. Some of them are BuzzFeed, Expedia, Yahoo, The Telegraph, HubSpot, Newscorp.

Prices and Packages

Buzzsumo has the most versatile packages. You can pay monthly or yearly and can even switch or cancel plans at any time you feel like. The 4 plan tiers are as follows: 

Enterprise: starts at $499+/month

Large: starts at $299/month

Plus: starts at $179/month

Pro: starts at $99/month

Buzzsumo, with its key features and variety of tools, will keep your industry up and running. Make Buzzsumo a part of your workflow today to increase productivity and content success.

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