8 Best movies that every marketer should watch

8 Best movies that every marketer should watch

We all know that movies serve as a great source of entertainment and how they can influence every individual in one way or the other. Watching movies has become a part of our lives and is also a fun way to expand our knowledge base. Like anyone else, entrepreneurs need a break now and again to watch some of the best marketing movies. There’s no better way to enjoy a night than binge-watching entrepreneur movies on Netflix. If you watch the right thing, even an entertaining movie can lead to a lightning bolt of inspiration. Though marketing is all about analyzing data, crunching numbers, and gathering statistical information about your core customers, entrepreneurs also need inspiration from time to time. Taking a break and watching some inspirational business movies is the best way to enhance your knowledge and get inspired.

With the burgeoning of technology, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, the streaming giants have expanded their wings fast and took over the world by a storm with their amazing content. Streaming services offer you the luxury of easily enjoying movies or web series etc. without moving an inch away from your comfort zone. You’re sure to find some thought-provoking marketing movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime regardless of where you currently stand on the entrepreneurial path. Take out some time for yourself to get reinvigorated and watch these 8 best marketing movies that give an insight into the various characters that will inspire the true entrepreneur inside you. 

1. The Social Network

One of the best films about marketing, this is a biographical drama about a Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius, Mark Zuckerberg, who sits down at his computer on a fall night in 2003 and heatedly begins working on a new idea. What begins in his dorm room eventually turns into the global social network known as Facebook that proves as a revolution in communication. After six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg becomes the youngest billionaire in history. The movie shows how success leads to both personal and legal complications for this entrepreneur and how he overcomes them by creating a globally successful social network. As it is one of the best business movies on Netflix, you’ll be more inspired than ever to continue your entrepreneurial path after watching it.

As one of the best inspirational business movies, entrepreneurs can learn from The Social Network on how to turn their dreams into reality and how they can upgrade a company from a dorm room to the most successful social media platform of the world. One of the best lines from the movie is “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink”. The Social Network, with a wide range of themes involving ambition, jealousy, friendship, cultural cache, class, success, status, and revenge, proves to be one of the best marketing movies. With an exciting and innovative plot, the movie takes you through the virtual world where people can become friends or unfriend each other at the click of a mouse.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

One of the best marketing movies of all time, the story is about Chris Gardener, a hard-pressed African-American who is a single parent to his 5-year-old son struggling to survive and fulfilling the American dream in San Francisco in 1981. He tries to make a living by selling bone scanner machines to doctors and medical centers in San Francisco while his wife Linda works at two jobs to help pay the bills and their rent. Though Chris is a natural-born salesman, he believes that he is destined for a better career path. Eventually, he lands a job as an intern at a prestigious brokerage firm, but the position does not pay him anything. The father and son duo live in shelters and face many hardships, but Chris keeps on struggling to create a better life for himself and his son, refusing to give in to despair.

Giving away a simple message of ‘never give up’, this movie is one of the best marketing movies of all time. The portrayal of Chris Gardener will give you goosebumps, as you will see him struggling hard to earn a great life for his family. The movie gradually will add in a gripping sense of reality that a lot of cheesy Hollywood movies do not offer.

3. Joy

This is a story centered on the girl who gradually finds a business dynasty and becomes a matriarch in her own right. As one of the best movies on marketing, it surprises you by showcasing the true trials and tribulations of entrepreneurs, particularly the hard decisions, heartaches, and tough times that are followed by success. Joy faces treachery, betrayal, the loss of innocence, and the scars of love while finally becoming an enterprise in a world of unforgiving commerce and a true boss of her family. This is one of the best business movies that depict the story about real-life entrepreneur Joy Mangano who invented the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers. She overcame many personal struggles and patented more than 100 inventions and made millions as a successful seller on Home Shopping Network’s QVC.

From such amazing business movies, entrepreneurs can learn how they can build something great from scratch with the frenetic energy, by thriving in the chaos and dysfunction. Learn how Joy enjoys her business success after all the struggles that she had to overcome and how you have to get ready to go to war every day. Enjoy the movie where Joy started with a mop and ended up being the owner of a dynasty just because she kept at it and dealt with failure and betrayal.

4. Jobs

One of the best entrepreneur movies on Netflix, the movie is a biopic on the most influential figure, Steve Jobs. The movie begins with his older frail appearance leading to his death in 2011 and quickly flipping to his college days where we witness his entire life; as a founder of the company Apple, growing the company and then his much-noted departure from the same. The movie moves pretty quickly through some of his most important life points. The movie’s concept was to show how a computer-savvy person with a vision started from his garage and ended up being a million-dollar stock-holder and creating a technology that brought in a revolution. People were in need of a great vision to propel the invention of great things.

As one of the best marketing movies on Netflix, Jobs shows that things don’t sell themselves; one has to make people believe that they cannot live without their product. As a marketer or entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from how Steve Jobs created his persona and identified what people really wanted.

5. The Founder

One of the best films about marketing, it tells the true story of how Ray Kroc, a struggling salesman from Illinois, turns into the founder of McDonald’s. He met Mac and Dick McDonald in the 1950s, who were then running a burger operation in Southern California. Ray Kroc saw franchise potential when he saw brothers’ speedy system of making the food and got impressed by them. It was then that Ray bought the company from the brothers and created a multi-billion dollar empire with McDonald’s restaurants through franchisees.

It’s one of those fun to watch sales movies where you learn to be curious, explore new ways, think big, and sell your vision. The movie makes one understand how a simple idea for a product can explode with popularity if sold at a fair price. It is one of the great movies about business success where you can also learn a good lesson about contract negotiating with your partners in business.

6. Jerry Maguire

One of the best entrepreneur movies on Amazon Prime, Jerry Maguire is about a successful and typical sports agent who is willing to do anything to get the biggest contracts for his clients and a little commission for himself. He has everything, from the biggest clients, a respectful job to a beautiful fiancée, until one night when he has second thoughts about his purpose in life, and what’s wrong with his career. Unfortunately, when he voices his doubts and opinions, they aren’t met with enthusiasm from his superiors, and he loses his job after dishonorably being stripped of his high earning clients and elite status within the agency.

Jerry leaves the firm starting his own with only one volatile client, Rod Tidwell. With Dorothy Boyd by his side, he only got one person who believed in his abilities to rebuild what he once had. The movie further showcases how Jerry faces the harsh truth and a host of hardships that he’d never faced before. As one of the amazing films about marketing, Jerry Maguire motivates you to hold on to what you know is right and never compromise your core beliefs. The movie also showcases how true friendships form at the workplace, and not everyone is a well-wisher in the truest sense.

7. Thank you for Smoking

Based on the novel by Christopher Buckley, this movie is one of the best movies on marketing for entrepreneurs or any budding businessmen. The story is about Nick Naylor, a slick tobacco lobbyist, who has a talent for persuasion. It’s his job to keep people smoking for which he goes to any extent making people believe that tobacco is good for them.

Throughout the movie, you will watch him defending the tobacco industry cleverly anywhere, be it classrooms, TV shows, or even a Senate hearing. As one of the best sales movies, Thank You For Smoking tells you how you can spin a product the right way to convince anyone that it’s good for them, even if it can kill them, which is the most encouraging yet dangerous part of marketing. Nick Naylor finds it difficult to balance his duties of being a good role model for his young son and defending tobacco.

The movie tells you about how people want to believe what others are telling them and gives out a great lesson about how “anything” can be marketed. The movie also shows that, there is no good or evil and that there is always an angle in life. For an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to understand people’s perception and how one can sell a product by modifying an idea.

8. Wolf of Wall Street

Once again, one of the best entrepreneur movies on Amazon Prime, a true story about Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who rises to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life and eventually faces his fall, which involves crime, corruption and the federal government. Jordan Belfort landed up a job as a Wall Street stockbroker in 1987, where he is enticed with the sex and drugs fueled stockbroker culture. Soon Jordan finds his career terminating, and so he takes a job at a boiler room brokerage firm on Long Island that specializes in penny stocks. His aggressive pitching style and the high commissions make him a small fortune. Later, due to his friendship with his neighbor, Donnie Azoff, they start their own company together. With hundreds of ambitious young financiers flocking to his company, Jordan becomes immensely successful and dives into a decadent lifestyle of prostitutes and drugs.

Though the movie is not about how the protagonist becomes successful in the end, as one of the best marketing movies, it teaches you valuable lessons about success, fortune, fame, greed, and respect for the law. As Belfort says, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” This fantastic line from the movie will, for sure, make you learn how to keep yourself going during hard times. However, with achieved goals and success comes many temptations that can jeopardize your success; you just have to stay disciplined and well aware, which is critical to retain any success you achieve.

Every individual needs some time off from his routine to pause and refresh his life when he is confused about certain things. It takes a lot of effort to get your business up and running with so many hardships and hurdles, and it’s always great to stay motivated. This is the list of some amazing movies about business success that will surely motivate you. Take a break from your hectic schedule, binge-watch on a weekend, watch or rewatch these best movies on marketing if you’re ever in need of inspiration, and you’ll not be disappointed at all.

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