7 Important on-page SEO techniques


SEO is a technique using which you can optimize your web pages to drive more relevant traffic towards your website and increase its ranking. There are two types of SEO techniques- on-page and off-page.

Off-page SEO technique helps search engines discover your site, while on-page techniques make sure that your content actually ranks.

 On-page SEO checklist:

1.Determine the correct usage of your keywords.

To optimize your web page, make sure you carry out efficient keyword research and use them evenly throughout the website. Avoid keyword stuffing by using the precise number of keywords in the correct places. 

Initially, you must incorporate your target keywords within the first 150 words of your article. Make sure you use your keywords in the following places on your site:

  • Title tag
Include your target keywords on your title tag. This tag helps the readers and the search engines know what your content is about. 
  • The URL Slug

This appears below your title tag. Adding a title slug will help readers find your page easily. This is the extension found next to the domain address. 

  • Subheadings

Adding keywords to your subheadings increases the overall SEO ranking. Make sure to keep the keywords short and optimized.

  • Post Categories

The name of your post category must be optimized. If implemented correctly, this feature helps the readers to go around your website to find their desired content easily. 

  • Meta description

This is a summary of your article. Adding keywords can generate positive traffic to your site.

2.Don’t forget to Optimize your images too.

Optimized images have proven to be robust in terms of on-page SEO factors. Remember to optimize the file names by inserting keywords, providing relevant information, keyword-optimized alt text tags to your image, compress the size of your images but do not compromise on the quality.

3.Embed outbound links to the website.

Outbound links are external links that you add to your webpage to increase the relevancy of your content. This improves the quality of your article. While linking, keep in mind to link only authoritative links and not overuse the outbound links.

Keep the following points in mind while following this trick:

  • Don’t overuse external links in your website, this will take away your audience’s attention.
  • Use an authoritative resource for linking to your website to maintain the article’s quality.
  • Learn the usage of “no follow” and “do follow” links
  • Open the links in a new tab, to retain the reader’s attention.
  • Do not force the usage of external links on your website.

Make sure the usage of your external links are natural, used in scenarios that require further explanation and references. 

4.Use internal links to keep the reader engaged on your webpage.

Retain your readers’ attention by using the internal linking technique. This helps increase your page rank and the search engine crawl index of your article. 

Follow the tips:

  • Use Anchor Texts- this helps users expect the other context of the article
  • Link to a new tab- this technique helps retain the audience’s attention.
  • Link related pages- don’t spam the readers by linking to irrelevant pages. 

5.Make your website load faster.

Most audiences drive away from your website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Use the GTmetrix tool to optimize your website’s performance.

6.Establish a mobile-friendly website.

Establish a mobile-friendly version of your website to drive higher traffic using on-page optimization techniques. 

7.Other SEO techniques.

Increase the quality of your site by embedding videos related to your website, generate more traffic by activating the comment section, and make sure your titles are short and crisp.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

What is On-page and Off-page optimization?

Off-page optimization uses techniques to increase the ranking outside your website, whereas, on-page optimization performs it within your site.

Why is On-page optimization important? 

On-page optimization involves techniques to increase the ranking of your website and attract more traffic to your site.

What are the best on-page techniques?

Read the article above to know the best on-page SEO techniques.